Dear Dean Johnston

Dear Dean Johnston,

Congratulations on your recent appointment to lead the Dell Medical School at UT Austin. Many of us are excited to have a med school join the UT Austin family.

But some of us were concerned (although not surprised) to see a partnership between the medical school and Seton Healthcare.  Seton Healthcare is deeply rooted in Catholicism, and it impedes their ability to provide full spectrum reproductive health services. Women are denied access to procedures they need – from tubal ligation, to birth control pills, to abortion.  Even miscarriages come with an extra dose of religion, when you are asked to either give permission for the contents of your uterus to be buried, or take the medical waste away with you.

I believe that abortion access is basic healthcare.  Texas is already struggling.  We are failing to adequately educate our children about wellness and sexuality. I hope that we will strive to give our medical students a robust education including compassionate reproductive healthcare.  We need our doctors to stand strong and protect each other, to help us reclaim medicine from the political realm.

Thank you.  Good luck in your new endeavor – and welcome to Texas.

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