What is AIH doing? We are providing resources and running a campaign to communicate our support for abortion access to our community medical professionals.

Why? Abortion providers have been marginalized.  Community doctors are worried about physical and fiscal damage if they support their beleaguered colleagues.  “TRAP” laws have put into place piecemeal

What can I do? Run a letter writing party and tell us about it! Maybe your religious congregation has a social justice group, and you’d like an afternoon activity. Maybe you want to have a tea party at your house. Bring together your favorite stationary, and a list of provider addresses in your city. Fire up your laptops, take a look at sample letters, and write away. Don’t forget the snacks.

Why does it matter? Abortion access has sometimes felt like a given. But in the last several years statewide legislation is rolling back our ability to get safe abortions.  We are not willing to live in a country where abortion access is dangerous. The conversation has been dominated by anti-abortion activists.

What is the “state of abortion” in my state? Go here (http://www.guttmacher.org/statecenter/sfaa.html).  The Guttmacher institute offers excellent summary information on a state by state basis.