The Beginning

I am starting this website with the hopes that it starts a campaign.  I want all of us who consider ourselves pro-choice, pro-abortion, fans of reproductive justice and reproductive health… I want us to stand up and defend it.

In particular, I want us to reach out to our medical providers – to our general practitioner, to our OB/Gyns, to our pediatricians and our hospitals – and I want us to tell them that we think that abortion is healthcare.  I want us to tell them that we will be there with them to defend them when they speak out to protect their fellow doctors. I want them to know that I *don’t* want legislators to decide how my health care goes. I want them to know I understand that medicine is a business – and they will have my business not only when they take a stand, but because they take a stand.

As the laws have changed in Texas, anti-abortion activists have cornered the market on fear. They have intimidated communities to stop supporting doctors. We allow our providers to be labeled as “abortionists” as if that is a thing. That is not a thing.

PS – I know. It is a little scary. We all get along by.. just getting along. But imagine how it could be, if we treated abortion like just one stop along the reproductive health care continuum? Abortion, adoption, infertility, pregnancy, birth control, miscarriage… just all part of healthcare. Doesn’t that make it worth the risk?

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